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SC Trade Canter’s five actions to combat climate change

What can a company do to stop climate change? At SC TRADE CENTER we take it very seriously. Society is no longer interested in greenwashing; it demands genuine and responsible companies. And there is only one way to achieve this: integrating commitment. Here is a summary of the main actions:

  • In 2015 we changed the air conditioning to a closed-loop air and water system, eliminating the use of harmful gases. In addition, we changed all the lights to LEDs.
  • Our community can find osmosis water fountains to encourage the consumption of non-bottled water.
  • In all meetings and caterings, we serve drinks in returnable containers. In addition, we avoid using paper tablecloths.
  • We have special recycling bins for paper, ink toner, and batteries.
  • The cleaning and disinfection of the offices has an ozone water system to eliminate as much as possible the chemical elements in wastewater and plastic containers, thus avoiding the exposure of people to chemicals.

And final in a short time photovoltaic plants will be installed – more details coming soon! 😉

SC Trade Canter’s five actions to combat climate change
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