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Are you more of a shared or exclusive workspace?

The main difference between a shared and an exclusive workspace is the level of privacy. In a shared space, several people live together on a daily basis and share a common space, so that, although each person has his or her own desk or workstation, they are surrounded by other workstations belonging to other companies or freelancers. Flexibility plays a role here, and the work environment is more dynamic and synergies are shared. The shared workspace option is designed for freelancers, small businesses, start-ups that want a more collaborative space with lower costs and highly controlled ones. Or even a Km0 solution for large companies that provide a workspace close to their team’s home.

On the other hand, an exclusive and customized workspace or office is one where the company or project has total privacy and exclusivity, it is a unique space for them. A customized space adapted to their needs and preferences. Private offices offer a quieter space where only the day-to-day work of a single company is shared. They are used by all types of companies depending on the project or team members will choose a larger or smaller space.

It also reinforces the professional image of the company or the person leading the project, a fact that makes it an attractive option for delegations of national and international companies seeking to expand, who find at their disposal all the facilities, spaces and services of a multinational.

Regarding the SC Trade Center, both exclusive offices and shared ones enjoy common services such as varied rest areas, meeting and event spaces, reception services, printing and scanning machines, high speed internet and many more.

If you are interested in any of these two options of SC Trade Center, please contact us and we will inform you without commitment.

Are you more of a shared or exclusive workspace?
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