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Marta Puigdomènech, general director of BHealthy: “If someone told me 10 years ago how far we have come today, I would not believe it”

When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

10 years ago, because it was now or never during a job transition. We created BHealthy from 0 handing out cards in the center of Sant Cugat and in the center of Sabadell. It was very easy, because as we accompany pregnant women and the belly is clearly visible, we went directly to those women who were pregnant and asked them if they wanted to take care of themselves, that we could take care of them and their baby together. We explained them also that we could help them, so those who were interested got in contact to me.

What balance do you make of this decade?

Very positive, spectacular and surprising. If someone told me 10 years ago how far we have come today, I would not believe it. Our work is very rewarding, because it is about accompanying women in a magical time of their lives and no matter how little we do, we only receive gratitude and love and that is fantastic.

Why did you decide to participate in the SC Trade Center Talks?

It was unexpected, when they called me, because I thought we were going to talk about women’s pelvic floor recovery and so on, but for my surprise my intervention would be as a woman entrepreneur and I asked myself can this be interesting for someone? if my story can inspire someone, I thought … go ahead and explain it!

Do you think there are enough initiatives like the SC Trade Center Talks?

I have the feeling that culturally we women are very focused on raising our children and many times we find ourselves with our hearts divided between raising our children and the need or professional concerns, what we also want. On a social level, leaving our children to do other things is still not well seen or well considered. A voice must be given that this also exists and explaining it can open doors for other women to do so as well.

What message do you want to convey?

To explain my story and if it can inspire someone, even if it is just one person, I’ll be happy.

Why did you settle at the SC Trade Center?

We settled in the SC Trade Center about three years ago attracted by its services and facilities: you can choose the service that best suits you. They also have meeting rooms, if you need to receive clients, private parking and the flexibility that it offers in all its services. Over time we have discovered that, behind it, there is a specialized team ready to help you in everything that arises.

How does the SC Trade Center facilitate your day-to-day?

Being in Sant Cugat, our day-to-day is easier, since we have a lot of activities in other towns in the Vallès region, it is logistically very well located for us. Also, if we need other additional services many of them are pay-per-use with the benefits that represents for a company

Do you think this kind of events that bring together women and businesswomen are necessary?

Yes, because it is to give a look at it, to promote the empowerment, highlight that woman can also be entrepreneurs and can lead their own or other companies, so it is a very good initiative.

What new projects do you have in mind for BHealthy?

To reach all women in the world to accompany them in this important moment of their lives, their pregnancy and postpartum. I started out alone, accompanying two or three women, and now we accompany more than 600 women a week. The dynamic is to continue reaching more women and accompanying them at this particular time.

Marta Puigdomènech, general director of BHealthy:
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