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David López Nogales: “The SC Trade Center makes it easier for us to have more clients”.

The manager of Neware, David López Nogales, explains the future plans of the company he leads, which belongs to the IT sector. Neware offers consulting and maintenance services and has its headquarters in the SC Trade Center.

What is Neware’s business and to which customers is Neware oriented?

We are an IT consulting and maintenance services company. We offer consultancy, advisory and implementation services to be the IT and B2B partner to companies and customers. We are currently 8 people working and we provide services to all companies in the SC Trade Center business park.

Where is the IT sector expected to develop?

This is clear, it is a sector where all companies in one way or another must have some technological or computer support, whether it is a freelance, a micro or a medium-sized company, no matter how few technical resources it requires, it needs its infrastructure of computers, cloud, services and programs.

It is true that in recent years there is a part that is support and maintenance that has been sustained. What has happened is that there has been a very important technological development that we have internalized and through which we have grown a lot, such as Cloud access, or remote access for teleworking.

The offices are not as physical as they were in 2010, since there are many workers who work from home or the office is based in one place and more than half or almost all of the staff are out of the offices. Therefore, our work has been directed towards this, to assist and advise how companies can have this tool up to date.

What are the main challenges in your sector?

That companies should understand and choose well the services they need because there are many digital tools, many programs, technology is growing. We help customers and advise them to choose what infrastructure and tools they need in the offices, as well as computers, servers with the cloud to make the right choice.

The range of possibilities is so wide that in the end getting the right choice with the cloud, the computers, the purchase of servers, the email systems, what PR to implement, can mean significant savings per year when setting up an office.

So,the challenge is to be able to choose what services you use, and that is how we advise our clients, helping them to choose what they need for their business.

IT is in constant evolution, what would be the new feature that you would highlight?

What I would highlight, although it is not so new is to work with the cloud to the maximum to have geographical flexibility and if you have to work in the office, you can do it and take advantage of the Cloud tool. A tool that allows you to have access to all the information, programs and documentation of the company and also allows you to work with customers and suppliers wherever you are, in the fastest and safest way possible.

What made you decide to move into the SC Trade Center?

I was working for another company, supporting the infrastructure of the building, so there was already knowledge on both sides. When Neware was created, it was logical for us to stay, because the decision had been made to support the IT infrastructure of the business park as the person in charge and with my team.

In the end, the most logical thing to do was to be here, since there is a lot of movement of companies, events in the halls and, therefore, having a physical team here in the business park was an added value for us. Besides, the environment is the space and the technology that we needed, so it was perfect for us to be in the building and for the offices to be here, it was a decision that was not in doubt.

In all the time you have been installed at the SC Trade Center, what do you value most?

The environment, the fact of being able to travel quickly to see our customers. And in terms of communication with customers in the business park, it is not going very well, we value this very much.

Would you recommend the SC Trade Center?

Yes, I would recommend it, without a doubt. I would do it because of the community of companies there, because in the end it is in a good location, the type of company there is makes it easier for us to increase the possibilities of having more clients or collaborations with other companies.

David López Nogales: “The SC Trade Center makes it easier for us to have more clients”.
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