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Do you meet with your team face- to-face after summer?

In September after summer holiday many companies are preparing to renew their staff meetings. For this reason, having an appropriate meeting room is essential to discuss the new business plan, such as:  adapt or improve objectives, organize trainings, present a product or service, as well as organize an event.

A well-equipped meeting room is essential to promote collaboration and effective decision making. Although remote work has proven to be a valid alternative in some circumstances, nothing replaces a face-to-face interaction. These in person meetings allow a more fluid communication, the ability to read body language and the creation of personal bonds, all of them crucial elements for building strong working relationships.

In addition, when meetings take place in the same environment, a professional atmosphere is created to discuss projects, to present ideas or talk about strategies. So, having a specific space for meetings avoids distractions and promotes concentration, which translates into greater productivity and efficiency during meetings, an important fact to achieve the objectives set.

Another relevant aspect is the possibility of including technology to room with. Either to hold a hybrid meeting, or only facilitating the connection with colleagues or clients in different locations, as well as improving cooperation, reducing time and travel costs. These meetings can be done with a conference cam, or supporting screens, or any others.

The perfect meeting room for you

Face-to-face meetings also strengthen the team and internal cohesion. These in person meetings becomes the space to share ideas, solve problems and reinforce the corporate culture. To achieve this, the SC Trade Center always has the meeting room that best suits your needs and team. Trade Center offers spaces of different sizes, equipped with the necessary technology to develop a meeting with total guarantees of success and with a capacity of up to 200 people.

In addition, we have a 1,000 m² terrace overlooking the Collserola Natural Park where you can enjoy the outdoors. Our meeting rooms are located 35 minutes by car from Barcelona city center, 8 minutes by bus from Sant Cugat station, 26 minutes from El Prat airport and 25 minutes by train from Barcelona city center.

Do you meet with your team face- to-face after summer?
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