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Mar Rovira: “Some time ago, people used to think that going to a psychologist was only for people who had a mental problem, nowadays it is different. It has been already understood that psychologists are here to help”

We interviewed Mar Rovira Rodríguez, graduate in Psychology and master’s in psychology applied to Sport and Physical Activity and Brain spotting Therapy. Rovira, who is a former professional basketball player and National coach, was one of the speakers at the third edition of the SC Trade Center Talks, the series of conferences of the Trade, with the theme ‘Women in Sport: Health’.

In Sport, psychology is everything?

Nowadays a lot of importance is being given to the mental issue, but it is a systemic issue. I mean that the mental issue must always be accompanied by the physical, it all goes together.

Since you were a professional basketball player until now, how has psychology changed in the field of sports?

It changed drastically, especially in terms of blame. It was thought, whether you went to a psychologist, it was because you had a mental problem. Nowadays, almost everybody knows that psychologists help to improve, regulate and stabilize athletes’ performance. Earlier everyone, including me, had a hard time… in fact, I did not use a sports psychologist at all.  Also, during the first years of my career as a psychologist it was difficult, but more over because I had to convince of its advantages. Today, it is different because people start looking for a professional and they come consciously to you. This is the big difference.

How much important is for athletes in general, amateur and professional to have the support of a specialist to reach their goals?

In the professional field is relevant. If you want to stand out from the crowd of competitors the more you surround yourself with professional people from all fields, the better. It will be easier to reach your goal with a professional than on your own.  For amateurs, a professional will help you to define healthy habits, to live a healthy life and to be more flexible.

What do you value most in an athlete?

I like them to be modestly ambitious, to be very coherent with their values, and to have values ​​aligned with mine. This is what I value most.

Should women athletes have different psychological care than men?

This is a controversial question. In the professional world, I attend to the professional athlete equally, whether male or female. Perhaps in collective sports teams there is a small difference in terms of how they relate to each other, but in the end, it doesn’t matter if the athlete is a man or a woman.

What do you think of initiatives such as SC Trade Center Talks?

Anything that makes things visible is fundamental. After visibility, I would like to take the next step, to move on to the facts, to make things happen, not just words. We need more spaces with our vision to have an impact on society as in this case, on sports.

What do you think of the SC Trade Center facilities?

Fantastic. Honestly, it is the first time I am here, but I am sure I will be back. And it is actually a very interesting option because we are always doing events and the SC Trade Center is very well located.

Mar Rovira:
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