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Esperanza Gómez: “At the SC Trade Center there is a family atmosphere, because we all know each other  and they help you with everything”

Esgopack is a distributor that started in the world of Graphic Arts only with the sale of labels. Over time and as customer demand grew, they incorporated other products, also in the Graphic Arts area, such as ribbon for reprinting labels, dispensing machines, reprinting machines, cartons, packaging and strapping for packaging, among others. In this context explained Esperanza Gómez, CEO of Esgopack, that customers realized that the company was not looking to earn as much as possible, but rather that the customer could have the best price on the market, which led them to grow in other areas until they were able to distribute skewer stick or separator paper for hamburgers. A business growth that has turned “Esgopack into what it is today”

Where is your sector expected to develop?

The label sector is in a very depressed situation, labellers are popping up everywhere and sales are becoming more and more difficult, since there are millions of companies that have a closed and globalized market. Companies may lose money with labels, but they recover it in another one because in the end they have a totalized package of thousands of labels and it is impossible to be competitive.

How are you being affected by the rising prices of energy, paper and other items?

The shortage of paper to make labels was the only thing that really affected us, however in the end we were able to solve the problem and our customers did not have any delays in their orders, all this because of the several suppliers we have.

What growth forecasts do you have?

This year the growth of 5% is expected and next year if everything goes as it should be, our expectation to growth is of 20%.

What is the most demanded product and why?

In our company, there is no product with more demand than other.  As labels are necessary in almost all industrial areas. This demand depends on the season, sometimes are more demand for food, others for cosmetics or laboratory products.

In the SC Trade Center environment, do you find the ecosystem you need?

Of course! In the end we are distributors and we need an office where we can work, meeting rooms for interviews, and for that SC Trade Center is optimal. There is a family atmosphere, we all know each other. Everyone is there to help if you need anything, whatever it was. I am delighted to be here, that is why I have been here for so many years.

What makes Esgopack different from other companies with the same service?

Ufff, this question fits like a glove! because as I said before we are distributors and we do not manufacture anything, we only offer service at the best price and that means that the customer does not need to ask for better prices to the competition. Esgopack offers the best service at the best price, so that the customer does not need to do it.  “Service” is what make us different.

What made you decide to move to the SC Trade Center?

The support Service that SC Trade Center offers. It’s like coming to a big company, having your own place and everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about anything, it’s great.

In all the time you have been installed at SC Trade Center, what do you value the most?

The family atmosphere without a doubt.

What is the atmosphere in the Trade?

I remark we are a big family, it is true that there are companies that come and go, but in general, we all know each other.

Would you recommend the SC Trade Center?

Of course, I would recommend it, in fact there are some clients who came on my recommendation because you do not have to worry about anything. Summarizing: If you have a problem, you find a solution!

Esperanza Gómez:
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