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ICT-based films and series not to be missed this summer

Summer brings vacations and leisure time, but also heat and high temperatures. An idea to spend the hottest hours of the day is to spend part of our time watching movies and series and what better if they are related to technology and ICT as a key element in the plot. In addition, there are options on all platforms.

Watching movies and series during the summer is a pleasant form of entertainment, while we are presented as an opportunity to discover new stories, share time with your partner, friends or family and represents a source of stimulation and inspiration. Let’s take a look at the essential films and series for this summer.

The movies you cannot miss this summer:

  • The Imitation Game: Based on true events, the film tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant British mathematician and cryptographer. Turing leads a team during World War II to crack the enigma code used by the Nazis. It is an exciting film that highlights the importance of artificial intelligence and technological advances in history.
  • Ex Machina: This science fiction film by Alex Garland follows a young programmer who is selected to participate in an artificial intelligence experiment. The plot centers on the interaction between the programmer and an artificially intelligent robot, questioning the nature of consciousness and ethics in the creation of intelligent machines.
  • Her (Ella): Directed by Spike Jonze, the film is set soon and explores the relationship between a lonely writer and an artificial intelligence operating system with a female voice. As the protagonist falls in love with the AI, questions are raised about human connection and dependence on technology in an increasingly digitized world.
  • Blade Runner 2049: This is the sequence to the acclaimed science fiction film “Blade Runner”. The story is set in a dystopian future where humans coexist with replicants, androids almost indistinguishable from humans. The film examines issues of identity, artificial intelligence and ethics in a world dominated by technology.
  • Ready Player One: Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the novel by Ernest Cline, this film transports us to a dystopian future where people seek to escape reality in a virtual world called Oasis. The story follows a young protagonist who enters on an exciting quest in Oasis in search of a prize that could change his life.
  • The Social Network: Directed by David Fincher, this film tells the story of the birth of Facebook and the meteoric rise of Mark Zuckerberg.

It explores the ins and outs of the creation of the world’s largest social network and the complexities of human relationships and business success. A fascinating drama that offers an interesting insight into the technology industry.

The TV series you cannot miss this summer:

  • Altered Carbon: Based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan, this Netflix series is set in a future where human consciousness can be transferred into different bodies, known as “sheaths”. The protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, is an ex-soldier who is hired to solve a murder. The series explores themes of identity, immortality and the effects of technology on society.
  • Upload: Created by Greg Daniels, this comedy/sci-fi series is set in a future where people can “upload” their consciousness into a virtual reality after death. It follows the adventures of a young programmer who finds himself in a digital version of the afterlife while investigating his own death.
  • The Collapse: This French series, available on Filmin, presents a frightening and realistic vision of a social and economic collapse. Through independent episodes, the series shows different situations and characters facing chaos in a world in crisis. It examines how society crumbles and how people react in extreme situations.
  • Silicon Valley: This HBO comedy follows the misadventures of a group of programmers trying to realize their dreams of success in the Silicon Valley tech industry. The series offers a satirical look at the world of startups and addresses issues such as innovation, competition and business ethics.
  • Halt and Catch Fire: Set in the 1980s and 1990s, the series tells the story of technology visionaries who seek to revolutionize the personal computer industry. It explores the evolution of technology and how it influences personal and professional relationships.
  • Westworld: This HBO science fiction series is set in a futuristic theme park populated by androids called “hosts.” The series reflects on artificial intelligence, the ethics of creating synthetic beings and the nature of human consciousness.
  • Person of Interest: This series combines elements of science fiction and thriller. A millionaire programmer creates a supercomputer with the ability to predict crimes before they occur. The series examines issues such as, control, privacy and the ethical use of technology.
  • Black Mirror: Created by Charlie Brooker, “Black Mirror” is an anthology of stand-alone episodes that explore the dark and dystopian aspects of technology in modern society. Each episode presents a different story and raises provocative questions about how technology can affect our lives.
ICT-based films and series not to be missed this summer
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