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Raúl Lazzati: “We can concentrate on our business, because our office and infrastructure maintenance needs are taken care of by the SC Trade Center”

CPMmatters is a consulting firm specialized in financial systems, specifically in the field of CPM (Corporate Performance Management)applications. CPMmatters clients are the departments of administration and finance of companies in all kinds of industry and sector to support the information and management needs of the CFO office (Chief Financial Officer). CPM matters has systems that connect with the most varied ERP (corporate management systems such as SAP, Oracle, Navision/MS Dynamics, etc.) and that are responsible for providing functionalities that sometimes do not provide from the information generated in them.

The company was born in Madrid in 2013 to respond to the emergence of new IT requirements, processes and technologies for the financial management of companies, to expand also to Barcelona, Santander, Buenos Aires (Argentina) and San Pablo (Brazil). CPMmatters began as partners of CCH Tagetik (Wolters Kluwers), to later incorporate agreements with the signatures Akeron and Lucanet.

CPMmatters markets and implements as its main solutions a very wide and diverse portfolio within the CPM world, relate to financial, statement consolidation comprehensive business planning (financial planning with machine learning and supply chain), and management of incentive and location contracts (including IFRS 16 calculation). To learn more about financial systems, we talk to Raul Lazzati, consulting manager at CPMmatters.

Where is your sector expected to evolve?

In recent years, the role of the CFO has been transformed, incorporating its traditional role as an information producer and control provider, an increasing involvement as a business adviser with a strong strategic focus. On the other hand, he is responsible for complying with the new regulations that emerge, which sometimes includes the addition of non-financial and market information, something that was not common in his traditional role. A recent example is the requirement for most companies in Europe to submit reports from ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance), which will be mandatory according to an implementation schedule from 2023 to 2027. In many companies, the same CFO is the ultimate responsibility for the issue of these reports.

To meet these growing and in many cases novel needs, the CFO office should rely on technological solutions that support its work, by incorporating new technologies such as big data, artificial and predictive intelligence and machine learning, and by enabling the integration and interconnection of the various systems of the technological environment of companies.

What are your main challenges?

The added value we offer is based on our financial expertise, so the main challenge is always to have the best professionals in finance, continuously updated in the latest technological advances, in addition to our alliances with leading CPM software developers. The CPM solutions industry is a competitive market, and without these conditions it is not possible to be successful.

What are you forecasting growth?

Fortunately, we have doubled our turnover over in the last two years and for this year we hope to consolidate this growth.

What is currently the most demanded product?

Shared between consolidation and financial planning. There is a basic cost for our customers that is incurred by acquiring the software platforms and integrating with existing ERPs to then include the required functionality, so sometimes we implement both, even if not in stages. It is common, especially at the beginning of the life of the companies, that our main competitor is the spreadsheets, but as organizations grow and more complexity is incorporated: currencies, geographies or different charts of accounts, transactions between group companies, various groups to consolidate or scenarios to plan, so that it is not only extremely inefficient, but very dangerous because of inaccuracies, the inability to investigate the origin and transformation of data and access control and auditing of the information produced.

In the Trade environment, do you find the ecosystem you need?

Our arrival at SC Trade Center was due to a need to be closer to our clients and to base our consultants in the region. We have to be more active with the companies at the center, not only to investigate business opportunities, but above all to enrich ourselves through dialogue on current affairs and business experiences. This is a subject we have pending, let us see if before 2023 we can make progress!

What difference does CPM Matters differ from other companies with the same service?

We seek to stand out through our consultants’ expertise. We are all professionals in finance or related careers (business administration, economy or engineering), in most cases with postgraduate studies and real experience working in companies. In addition, we have a training plan that includes continuing upgrading in technologies; and active participation in finance or CPM conferences. Finally, CPMmatters philosophy is to accompany the client in choosing the right tool, and to apply our expertise by taking the client by the hand duringthe implementation process, to empower the CFO’s office in the use and maintenance of the solution.

What made you decide to settle in the SC Trade Center?

In our case we had a less-to-more approach, starting with domiciliation only, then rented workspaces per hour, until finally we rented our own office. The SCTC accompanied us throughout this process, always having an appropriate offer to what we needed at each stage. We are very pleased with the support they have given us.

All the time you have been installed at the SC Trade Center what do you value the most?

The staff have always been very collaborative and has helped us even set up our office, we are very grateful. The truth is, we can focus on our business, because the needs of maintaining our office and infrastructure is handled by SCTC. Besides, the atmosphere is quiet, the terrace is fabulous and people enjoy it. You can be working and at the same time in contact with nature, it is very pleasant.

What does it give you to be installed in Sant Cugat?

The important thing for us was to be within the metropolitan area of Barcelona and in the case of Sant Cugat, the pleasant environment which is no small thing.

Would you recommend the SC Trade Center?

Totally, because of the service of the staff, the right facilities and how charming the environment is.

Raúl Lazzati:
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