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The app that promotes rural production and talent in Catalonia

If you like authentic flavors, products made one by one by local artisans and proximity, this summer immerse yourself into the gastronomic and traditional richness of Catalonia with the free app “Guide Obradors de Catalunya”. A window to the world of artisan products where you can discover and buy unique and authentic products directly from local producers, encourage the talent of small towns and promote the economy of the rural population.

In the app you will find cheeses, cold meats, breads and pastries, ice cream, nougat, jams, wines and olive oils, many with designation of origin and protected designation of origin, plus handmade ceramics, pieces of clothing, jewelry and much more. Items with personal and unique stories that reflect the passion and love of the artisans for their craft.

Guide Obradors de Catalunya” allows you to purchase these handmade products and gives you the possibility to learn about the history, inspiration and creative process of the different artisans behind each creation and geolocate each producer on the map.

The application has a wide variety of categories to browse and explore according to personal preferences and tastes to find a special gift for a loved one, find that piece of decoration for your home or choose from high quality food.

The app that promotes the production of Catalonia

So knowing this guide offers a number of advantages and benefits such as:

  1. Authenticity is promised: It allows you to connect directly with local artisans who market authentic, handmade products, different from mass production.
  2. Support for local artisans: By buying through the app, you directly support the artisans of Catalonia. You contribute to the preservation of traditional craft techniques and support local talent and creativity.
  3. Connection with the handcrafter: You will get to know the artisans, their history and their creative process. This personal connection with the designer adds a special value to each purchase.
  4. Variety of products: The application offers a wide variety of handcrafted products. From food and beverages to decorative products, fashion and gifts, options for all tastes and needs.
  5. Fair and sustainable trade: Buying directly from artisans promotes fair trade by allowing them to receive a fair price for their work. In addition, supporting artisanal production promotes sustainability and the preservation of environmentally friendly practices.
  6. Convenience and accessibility: The app grants you to access a wide selection of products from anywhere and at any time. You do not have to move around to find quality artisanal products.
  7. Cultural experience: When you buy handmade products of Catalan origin, you are buying part of the culture and tradition of Catalonia, as each item tells a unique story and allows you to experience the essence of the region.
  8. Safety: The application offers entire safety for your purchase, protecting your personal and financial data.

The app that promotes rural production and talent in Catalonia
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