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The curiosities of the SC TRADE CENTER you did not know about

The SC Trade Center is a centre with flexible workspaces based in Sant Cugat and Barcelona that has been offering, for more than two decades, company domiciliation services, offices by the hour, coworking, meeting and event room rental, and personalised and private offices. In all this time we have become a key partner for the companies that set up in our centre, accompanying them and adjusting to all their needs. But do you know more about our centre? Possibly not, which is why today we are going to tell you a few interesting facts you did not know about the SC Trade Center.

The SC Trade Center was established 20 years ago in Sant Cugat, on fields and urban gardens typical of this area of Vallès and with awesome views over the Collserola Natural Park. We were pioneers offering service for offices, a fact that places us as a leading company of business centres.

The SC Trade Center was promoted by two entrepreneurs who detected the need to create a Business Centre, making the facilities and services of a multinational available to the self-employed and SMEs.

Therefore, the business park in its actual location is called Trade Center, in honour of the early building where it all began.

From radio waves to ultra-fast connection

At the beginning of 2000s, we could only offer internet through a radio link connected to the Collserola Tower.  Can you imagine connecting internet via radio waves that transfer information between two points? Fortunately, technology has changed significantly, so now we have an ultra-fast connection for the benefit of our clients.  

Although the SC Trade Center was originally intended to house industrial companies, in the end this was not the case and very low environmental impact companies were located there, a fact that we are proud of and that helps us to do our bit in the fight against climate change.

The myth of ‘temporariness’ in business centres and customer loyalty and vice-versa

Often this type of space is associated with temporary solutions, for an impasse in a refurbishment of the owner’s office, a contingency plan in case of fire or flood, a temporary extension of equipment… While it is true that we cover these needs, SC Trade Centre can be proud of having clients who have been with us since the beginning. Nowadays, most of them like multinationals branches, self-employed or SMEs are more than 15, 10, or 8 years… and we thank them for their trust day by day.

SC TRADE CENTER much more than a business centre

Meanwhile the SC Trade Centre has become a reference brand and provides great added value for the spaces, the quality of its offer and the high standards of its services. In our centre you will find flexible workspaces adapted to your needs, from a coworking desk to a personalised office, or simply to domicile your company.

The curiosities of the SC TRADE CENTER you did not know about
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