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As a customer of SC Trade Center you can benefit from a 5% discount on plants and gardening

Being a customer of SC Trade Center always has advantages. Starting this month, in addition to the customize services we offer to grow your business and hold your meetings and events, you can benefit from a 5% discount on all products from Elia Garden. An establishment with more than 25 years of experience in the sale of plants, flowers and gardening services.

The garden, located very close to SC Trade Center Sant Cugat, has great facilities and a professional team that will advise and help you to choose the best for your home, office, garden, terrace or balcony, where you will find entire spaces with:

  • A careful selection of plants and flowers
  • Accessories and garden furniture
  • Trendy home decoration
  • Products and food for your pets
  • Products to fight mosquitoes and other insects

Do you know the importance of having plants in your work and home spaces?

It is proven that people work and perform better in environments with plants. Here are five benefits:

  1. Improves air quality
  2. Promotes physical health
  3. Increases mental health
  4. Increases productivity
  5. Facilitates mental and physical recovery

And “if you work in an environment where there is something that motivates you psychologically, you are happier and work better” as Dr. Chris Knight points out in Plants in offices increase happiness and productivity.

If you are looking for a fixed or flexible workspace, SC Trade Center offers different options, in Barcelona and Sant Cugat. Definitely you are sure to find the best solution of spaces and assistance adapted to your needs at all times to help you achieve your goalss… and in a distinctive environment!

As a customer of SC Trade Center you can benefit from a 5% discount on plants and gardening
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