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Hybrid model for working at home and in the office

The hybrid model at work involves employees having the option of remote work or commuting to the office, as agreed with the company. The hybrid model has gained popularity since the Covid-19 pandemic, as it allowed companies to maintain productivity while protecting the health of employees.

If this model is chosen, which also improves flexibility and productivity, some considerations should be taken into account:

  • Set clear expectations: It is important for employees to know when they are expected to work from home and when they are expected to be in the office. Companies can set specific schedules or allow employees to choose their own schedules.
  • Provide the right tools: The access to the necessary technology to work from home is essential, such as a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. It is also important for the company to have a clear and effective communication platform so that employees can easily communicate with colleagues and supervisors.
  • Set limits: Employees may work longer hours than necessary when they are at home. It is important to establish clear limits on the hours and to encourage them to disconnect when they have finished their workday.
  • Flexibility: A hybrid work model should allow flexibility for both employees and the company. This may include the ability to change work schedules according to the needs of the company or employees.
  • Team culture: Although employees can work from home, it is important to maintain a strong team culture. Companies can organize regular in-person or online meetings to encourage communication and teamwork.

If you are thinking about this work model for your company or your work activity, SC Trade Center offers different options for your business. In our facilities in Barcelona and Sant Cugat you will find offices, virtual offices, and meeting room to rent (for hours, half or whole day), among many other services tailored to your company and your needs, so that you can focus on growing your business. Contact us now.

Hybrid model for working at home and in the office
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