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Raise up your company with a virtual address in an outstanding location

Take a step forward in terms of the image and projection of your company with a virtual address located in an outstanding location such as Passeig de Gràcia or the city of Sant Cugat. By locating in one of these two places, you will take advantage of all the benefits of being in these first- class locations and, at the same time, you will benefit from the additional services offered by a serious and professional business environment.

Companies that want to raise their presence, operations and corporate image now have a particular opportunity with the virtual offices offered by the SC Trade Center. Two ideal options for companies that want to improve their professionalism, especially after the vacations, the ideal time to make changes, resume operations, redefine strategic planning and be prepared for the end of the year.

Through geolocation, companies can create an impactful first impression on customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, these services provide a flexible space to use for meetings and gatherings whenever necessary.

With more than twenty years of experience in providing business solutions, SC Trade Center is the ideal partner to cover all types of services and needs. Apart from virtual offices, we have other options through private or shared offices for hours, days or months, with more than 150 private offices with privacy and exclusivity and also the coworking space, perfect for people looking for a shared work dynamic.

What are the business goals after the vacations?

    • Reconnect with customers and potential customers: Taking advantage of early September to reconnect with current and potential customers is an important goal. This can be done through visits or sending out greeting emails, special offers or updates on new products or services.
    • Restart operations: After the summer vacations, it is crucial to restart operations that had been unconcluded or were half-finished efficiently and effectively. Consideration should be given to planning and carry out processes that ensure all teams are aligned and ready to work effectively.
    • Evaluate third quarter performance: September marks the end of the third quarter of the year, so it is time to evaluate the previous quarter’s performance and analyze financial and operational data to identify patterns, trends and areas of success and improvement for the next financial year.
    • Plan for the fourth quarter and year-end holiday season: Many companies start planning for the fourth quarter and the Christmas holidays, as this time represents a large part of the annual sales. This includes marketing campaigns, increasing the stock of the most popular products and scheduling special promotions.
    • Develop new goals and strategies: Companies set new goals and strategies for the following quarter or year. This involves setting goals for sales, growth, productivity improvement and planning to achieve targets.
    • Team training: This is the ideal time to offer additional training to the team or to develop skills that will improve the team’s effectiveness and efficiency during the final stretch of the year.
    • Internal process improvement: September is a good time to evaluate and improve internal processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This is achieved by identifying gaps in current processes and implementing changes to achieve better performance.
    • Team motivation: Keeping the team informed, motivated, and engaged is crucial for business success, as well as establishing clear communication about goals, expectations and changes to keep the team at peak performance and aligned with the company’s direction.
    • Marketing strategy review: At the beginning of the new academic year it could be a good time to review and adjust the marketing strategy, analyze the marketing channels used, identify new customer segments and plan campaigns to attract new ones.
    • Keeping an eye on financial health: Monitoring the company’s financial health is essential through assessing possible budget adjustments, monitoring possible delinquencies, tracking outstanding invoices, monitoring possible commissions from financial institutions and planning for the next year’s expenses.

Because after the vacations is the perfect time to redefine the business strategy and set new goals both short and long term in SC Trade Center you have options for your project!

For more information about Passeig de Gràcia and Sant Cugat, please contact the SC Trade Center team.


Raise up your company with a virtual address in an outstanding location
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