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A new session of the SC Trade Center Talks is here!

The SC Trade Center will host next Thursday, September 21 at 6:45 pm, a new session of the SC Trade Center Talks: Women in Sports, Technology and Innovation. On this new occasion, Anna Llorella, engineer and co-founder and CEO of Sweanty, Míriam Cribillés, physical trainer for motorcycle riders and Isabel Domingo, expert in sports podiatric technology and innovation, will be the three guests who will talk about how technology has improved the results of female athletes and how this type of innovation can help revolutionize certain sports disciplines. The event will also be attended by Albert Salarich, Councillor for Enterprise, Innovation and Internationalization and Energy of the City of Sant Cugat.

Llorella leads Sweanty, a technology-based company and spin-off of the CSIC that develops new devices for sweat analysis. The engineer will speak at the SC Trade Center about how her group is developing a disposable package to analyze sweat to prevent dehydration in the sports sector and all that this innovation can bring, which can also be used in hospitals for elderly patients or newborns, or to prevent dehydration in the workplace, among others.

Talks with a lot of support

The talk will be conducted by sports journalist Marc Martín and has TOTMedia as media partner, the collaboration of Teca Sabat, Elia Garden, Navalles and Crossfit Lynx and the support of Sant Cugat Town Council, ADE Vallès, Sant Cugat Business and Women’s Network. The cycle, which premiered in January 2023, is co-organized by SC Trade Center, Cercle de Mares Qgat and M&M Crew.

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A new session of the SC Trade Center Talks is here!
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