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The use of innovation and technology in the world of sports comes to SC Trade Center Talks

The SC Trade Center Talks, the series of talks that aim to give a voice to women linked to the field of sports to share their experiences, have returned once again to the SC Trade Center, focusing on topics related to women, sports, technology and innovation.

The director of the SC Trade Center, Alexia Porqueras, gave the starting signal for the talk, highlighting that at the SC Trade Center “we aim to develop activities that have a direct impact on everyday life”.

Albert Salarich, Sant Cugat City Councilor for Business, Innovation, Internationalization and Energy, also participated in the talk, indicating that initiatives such as the Talks “contribute to making a better society and cover needs” and explained that innovation “generates economic activity”. The sports journalist of TVE, Marc Martín, was in charge of presenting and leading the conference.

Speakers at the SC Trade Center Talks

The use of innovation and technology in the world of sports comes to SC Trade Center Talks,

In her speech, Anna Llorella from Sweanty explained the project she leads: skin-friendly and intelligent adhesive band-aid that can collect information through sweat and use it as a source of energy. The engineer pointed out that this innovative and technological solution was developed in a public environment. A personalized follow-up and a very accurate training plan is designed and applied to the athletes. She also stated that in the future “sensors will evolve to measure heart rate and other parameters for preventive purposes”.

Besides during the presentation, the physical trainer of national and international motorcycling riders, Míriam Cribillés, stressed that motorcycling is a very demanding discipline and that riders start when they are children, facing challenges that normally do not be in agreement to their age. Cribillés shared her experience as an instructor and how the preparation of riders has been changing, including psychological and training aspects. She also emphasizes the importance of innovation, such as a simulator that improves the mental and psychological part of the drivers. He explained that he is currently working with 25 riders of different ages, including a 7-year-old girl. He predicted that the evolution of riding will focus on the optimization of techniques and the development of physical skills.

Isabel Domingo, a podiatrist specializing in athletes, talked about the use of technology in her area, highlighting the use of a laser that relieves pain and improves quality of life. She shared how she entered this field after suffering an injury playing tennis and reviewed the remarkable advances with technology. In the same direction, he pointed out that podiatrists not only treat problems in the feet, but also in other parts of the body such as the knees and back, and predicted that in the future, insoles will be created using 3D printing technology.

At the end of the session, all three women agreed on “the importance of innovation and self-confidence to drive projects like theirs.”

The use of innovation and technology in the world of sports comes to SC Trade Center Talks,

The talk has TOTMedia as media partner, the collaboration of Teca Sabat, Elia Garden, Navalles and Crossfit Lynx and the support of the City Council of Sant Cugat, ADE Vallès, Sant Cugat Empresarial and Red de Mujeres. The cycle, which premiered in January 2023, is co-organized by SC Trade Center, Círculo de Madres Qgat and M&M Crew.

The use of innovation and technology in the world of sports comes to SC Trade Center Talks
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