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These are all the services that you will find at the SC Trade Center and that will improve your business

SC Trade Center has workspaces in Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona, in Avinguda de les Corts Catalans in Sant Cugat and in Rubí. These centers offer a variety service for their clients and companies that help and facilitate the promotion and growth of their business:

  1. Serviced office space: SC Trade Center provides flexible rental workspaces for companies of different sizes and fields, from small startups to multinational branches. You have different alternatives for days, hours or months, from private and personalized offices of various sizes, meeting rooms, training rooms, as well as coworking spaces.
  2. Company addresses: You can address your company in our center or have a virtual office with many advantages. An option especially designed for small businesses, start-ups and self-employed professionals who want to be geolocated in a business environment.
  3. Coworking space: If you are one of those who prefer to share, this solution helps you reduce costs and create synergies with other companies.
  4. Internet connection and technological services: The spaces offer high-speed Internet connection, as well as a wide range of technological and to guarantee and enhance the productivity of companies.
  5. Meeting and conference rooms: The center has meeting rooms fully equipped with audiovisual technology and other facilities to organize all types of events, presentations and conferences. These spaces can be used by clients as well as by any company, association or community that needs a space.
  6. Reception services: The SC Trade Center also offers a fully personalized reception service adapted reception adapted to the needs of each company. In this sense, it provides attention to calls, visits, e-mails and parcels, as well as general information, among others.
  7. Cleaning and maintenance services: We have a cleaning and maintenance team that ensures that common areas and offices are kept in proper condition, clean, disinfected and well organized.
  8. Cafeteria and dining services: Our centers have restaurants and cafeterias in the immediate surroundings, as well as common areas where you can have a coffee or enjoy a break and socialize indoors, and on our impressive terrace with a view in the natural park of Collserola, if we refer to Sant Cugat facilities.
  9. Parking: The SC Trade Center has a parking service for customers and visitors.
  10. Business support services: This can be business consulting, human resources services, legal services and other services related to business deals. In many cases the clients themselves are the professionals who can provide you with these services.

To address your business brings you benefits

Address your business or some of the virtual office options offered by SC Trade Center provides you with many advantages, especially if you are a small business, start-up or self-employed professional.

  • Better professional image: Address a company in a prestigious or central location such as Barcelona or Sant Cugat, projects a more professional and solid image to your clients and partners.
  • Reduced costs: If we choose to address or a private office with services included, rather than renting a traditional office space, it is always cheaper. You can save on both initial costs and monthly rent, as well as utilities and other expenses associated with renting a physical space.
  • Flexibility: You can choose the option that best suits the needs of your company and adapt it at every moment or stage of the business as the need changes. Our contracts are flexible.
  • Business address: You will be able to use the address of the business center as your commercial or fiscal address, so you can separate your personal residence outside the public records and bring notoriety to your business, with a geolocation in a professional environment.
  • Secretarial services: They will manage your agenda for you, they will search for any kind of tickets, hotels, commercial tasks, DB management, expense sheets… among many others, so that you can focus on the important and valuable tasks that make your business grow.
  • Geographic flexibility: Domiciling your company gives you the flexibility of having a presence in a specific location without having to commit to a physical space in that area, and with reduced costs.
  • Access to meeting rooms: There are options for different capacities of meeting rooms, equipped for when you need to meet with clients or partners, conduct training or presentations, etc.  In addition, they have agreements with centers all over the state to provide you with rooms everywhere.
  •  Fewer procedures: You avoid formalities and problems associated with leasing a traditional office space, such as certain fees and taxes, additional guarantees, certain contracts for services (telephone, internet…), public service contracts, etc.
  • Reduction of distractions: You will be able to separate your personal and professional life, reducing distractions and improving concentration, our spaces and environments facilitate concentration, creativity and reduce stress.
  • Scalability: If your company grows, you can change with great flexibility to other types of contracts or larger, private and personalized office spaces within the same business center.

Advantages of working at SC Trade Center

Working at the SC Trade Center offers multiple benefits. You have all the services of a multinational at your fingertips, and many of them are pay-per-use. You are part of a community where you connect with professionals from different areas, generating networks of contacts and collaborations. The community encourages learning and solving challenges together. You will also work in a flexible space that will allow you to adapt to changes in an increasingly demanding market that requires quick adaptation. Cost savings compared to traditional offices are also very significant, as well as access to shared services such as meeting rooms and technology.

The dynamic environment favors creativity and innovation. So, what you can find at SC Trade Center provides you with a platform that combines efficiency and flexibility, adapting to the needs of each moment.

These are all the services that you will find at the SC Trade Center and that will improve your business
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