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Work flexibility: how to adapt the workspace to your needs

Remote working is currently one of the most valued options for companies to attract and retain new talent. The facility of working from home and not commuting to the workplace are two of the great attractions of this formula with which several companies work.

However, experts corroborate those workers who work from home develop a lower sense of belonging to the company they work for, and that long-term commitment may also be lower.

To make workers feel integrated and identified with the company, the SC Trade Center offers specially designed workspaces for employees to feel at ease, develop their skills and be more productive.

These are some of the key elements that we take into account:

  1. Well-being, so that workers can enjoy a healthier physical and emotional state, the SC Trade Center has fully equipped offices with comfortable furniture designed for offices and at the same time a careful lighting to work in comfort, among others.
  • At SC Trade Center we have a wide range of office types to offer you the one that best suits your needs. In this sense, we have rental options for hours, days, weeks or years, and you can complement it with room and space rentals to organize events, meetings, trainings or presentations.
  • It is just as important to guarantee a good concentration, as it is to have privacy to develop the necessary business tasks to make the business grow. At SC Trade Center we specialize in private and customized workspaces tailored to each project.
  • Technology and digitalization are also important issues, since there are devices that facilitate and help to work in a more efficient, productive and sustainably way: management systems, automations, resource optimizers…

At SC Trade Center we offer everything you need to make your company grow and we support you along the way to consolidate your business project, whether large and small offices, meeting rooms, outdoor areas where you can organize events, domicile the company, and other services such as technology, virtual assistants or logistics services and management. We are in the best locations in Barcelona and Sant Cugat. Contact us and we will help you find the best fit for you, your company or project.

Work flexibility: how to adapt the workspace to your needs
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