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Vicenç Català: “It is essential to build efficient buildings equipped with hygiene certification.”

We talked to Vicenç Català, CEO of Inductair about his company, the future of the air conditioning, ventilation and energy industry and how his day-to-day life is in his office at SC Trade Center.

What does Inductair do?

We are a company in the air conditioning, ventilation and energy industry and we bring from abroad technical solutions equipment from central Europe, especially from Germany, Slovenia and Sweden. Our way of introducing the product is through installation projects. Inductair started at the SC Trade Center in 2016, first in a coworking space and later we moved to an office, as we grew.

Where will your industry develop towards?

As a result of the pandemic, we realized that we were doing things wrong in terms of building ventilation. This is one of the most relevant points and the other is the hygienic issue in the world of air conditioning, without forgetting that energy efficiency is also important to consider. We have to make buildings more and more energy efficient, and fortunately we have equipment that are designed for this type of installation.

You have recently received a recognition for one of your products

 Yes, it is a range of products that have a hygienic certificate, which comes as standard from the factory and this has added us a relevant and distinctiveness value in the market, since all the equipment has this hygienic certificate. We also have another product with high energy efficiency in all air-conditioning systems called cold ways or inductors. Our third star product is a linear diffuser that does not dirty the ceiling, it is called clean and has this technical feature.

What are the main challenges facing your industry? 

Our challenges are similar to those objectives we all have to face in 2030, but obviously our industry has to search, at any price, for systems with clear energy efficiency. We are already in a search of hygienic solutions and obviously within this technological world it is clear that the market has to move towards social networking issues in terms of preparing for this 4.0 future and moving companies in this direction.

What made you decide to settle in the SC Trade Center?

I was already at the Trade working in a company, which is curiously now my competitor, and when I decided to start my project, I opted to stay here, especially because of something I really like, which is its environment. In addition, there was a very good atmosphere here from the Trade team itself and this gave me a very good feeling. I looked at other alternatives, but I decided to choose Trade because of its location, the atmosphere and the staff’s professionalism.

What does it give you to be located in Sant Cugat?  It brings a lot to my team and to me personally, we have wonderful views, a very good location, we are well connected to Barcelona, either by tunnels or by the B-20 freeway. To go to Tarragona or Girona we are also very close to the highway, basically for me the most important thing is the location.

Would you recommend the SC Trade Center?

Yes, I would recommend it, in fact, I already did it. There are some companies that came here on my recommendation, so we can say that I did it and I strongly recommend coming to the SC Trade Center.

Vicenç Català:
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