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Working from home: Revealing the potential health impact

The boom of remote working or homeworking has meant that many people have been involved in a new routine of working from home. For this reason, it is important to know and be aware of whether and how working from home has an impact on our health. Working from home can have impacts on our physical and mental health and, at the same time, on our state of mind.

  • Sedentary and lack of exercise: Working from home leads to a more sedentary lifestyle, as the lack of face-to-face interactions and daily commuting can negatively affect the amount of exercise we get. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to stay active to counteract the daily commute to the office or workplace.
  • Time management challenges: The line between professional and personal life can be blurred by working from home very easily, something that can lead to stress and anxiety. If this happens, set clear schedules, take regular breaks and define limits to reduce the consequences.
  • Ergonomic problems: It has been proven that homeworking involves many more hours of work than would be done in conventional offices. Long hours in front of the computer cause ergonomic problems such as shoulder and back pain, especially if there is no comfortable chair and a screen at eye level. In addition, breaks for stretching should be taken.
  • Social isolation: Lack of social contact with the team and co-workers can affect mental health. To reduce this effect, time should be scheduled for virtual meetings with colleagues that could easily be counteracted in the office.
  • Excessive exposure to digital screens: With homeworking and prolonged exposure to computer screens and devices, eyestrain is increasing. Remembering to take breaks to rest your eyes and adjust screen brightness can help maintain eye health.
  • Nutritional challenges: Being at home can facilitate access to unhealthy foods and we must be clear that it is essential to maintain a balanced diet with nutritious food every day. Working from home you will need to plan meals in advance and avoid unhealthy snacks.

Advantages of working in an office

Spending the workday in offices has significant benefits for health and professional development. One example is working in structured environments such as offices that help establish routines and help maintain a balance between professional and personal life. In addition, offices are equipped with resources, infrastructure, technology, and other facilities designed to stimulate creativity and innovation in the team. Also, interaction with colleagues improves communications and collaborations and facilitates the quick resolution of potential problems. Also, interaction with colleagues improves communications and collaborations and facilitates the prompt resolution of potential problems.

Likewise, the direct relationship with managers and senior colleagues facilitates learning and professional growth. Another aspect to take into account is that having a separate place between work and home where you live makes it easier to maintain healthy boundaries. If you also want to benefit from the advantages of working in a modern office or shared space.  

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Working from home: Revealing the potential health impact
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