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Remote working yes or no? Big CEOs speak out.

In the last few years, we have faced an outstanding transformation in the way we work. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the implementation of remote work, prompting many companies in various industries to re-evaluate their traditional work practices and extend them to the homes of their workers. This changed the dynamics of work as we knew it. Companies that were previously reticent to adopt remote working were forced to re-evaluate their policies and procedures with the help of technology, which became an essential tool capable of maintaining productivity and collaboration at a distance. Video conferencing platforms, instant messaging applications and time and project management tools became part of the work routine allowing entire teams to stay connected and collaborate regardless of physical distance.

Throughout this time remote working has not been exempt from challenges. For many workers, adapting to a remote working environment represented a series of obstacles, both in terms of time management and concentration, as well as everything related to digital disconnection and social isolation, which has brought several consequences, but what do the most influential people in the world have to say about remote working?

We discover this tour by the opinion of company CEOs that set the global guidelines regarding the dynamics of remote working.

Microsoft‘s that set the global guidelines regarding the dynamics of remote working. Satya Nadella: “We believe that flexibility, in a broad sense, will be important. The balance between face-to-face and remote working will be very important.”

Apple‘s Tim Cook: “There are things that simply can’t be replicated virtually with the reach of the way you could face-to-face.”

IBM‘s Arvind Krishna: “We believe in a hybrid world, and we believe the office will be a focus of innovation.”

Jeff Bezos former CEO of Amazon: “People don’t go to work to be inefficient. They go to work to be effective.”

Elon Musk of Tesla, X and SpaceX: “I’m calling this [telecommuting] domestic prison guard.”

Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase: “We have everything. Someone who’s been home for a year, or someone who’s been at work, it’s totally different. Productivity is low and innovation is virtually zero.”

Brian Chesky of Airbnb: “We think the most innovative companies will go toward hybrid models. Innovation comes from face-to-face interaction.”

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Remote working yes or no? Big CEOs speak out.
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